Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Broader Impacts

So, I said I would muse on broader impacts, so here we go.

I think at the time I wrote the last post, I was feeling uninspired and unsure of how to add those broader impacts (i.e. increase accessibility of knowledge to underrepresented groups in the sciences) into my proposals. I have since completed said proposal writing, and am actually fairly excited about my broader impacts. It helps to have relevant institution-based programs that serve this purpose, becuase then you can say you will cooperate with such and such a program. Smaller institutions would be at a disadvantage potentially in this regard.

Also, I've been utterly swamped with classwork and grant writing, and I would be HAPPY to do some research combined with outreach to people OUTSIDE my department/lab. I guess I have plenty of time for that while I'm here.....

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